YouTube will now show you more ads based on your search hab…

Google needs to grow beyond its core search business and give advertisers more services and opportunities as competitors like Amazon capture a bigger share of ad dollars. According to eMarketer, 83 percent of Google’s U.S. and worldwide ad revenue for comes from search-based advertising.

“The advertising ecosystem has always been incredibly competitive,” Levy said. “The appeal of Amazon really validates what we are doing and talking about today, the importance of measurement, the importance of driving action on a platform.”

YouTube is so desirable for brands because it isn’t just a video portal, but it’s also the second largest search engine in the U.S., according to the company. About 60 percent of people who search for a product on Google then go to YouTube to do more research, Levy said.

Currently, Google search, Google Maps and other Google app data can be used to build “custom intent audiences” that can be targeted across the company’s properties, including YouTube. However, YouTube data is not used to find potential customers on other Google platforms.

YouTube is starting to more closely integrate with other Google services, and last year it began allowing advertisers to buy ads on the video site based on a user’s YouTube searches.

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