Trend-Setting Product of 2018: BA Insight: SmartHub

AI-driven Enterprise Search

SmartHub is an AI-driven platform that provides a modern, internet-like search experience. It supports multiple search engines and enables integration with other data repositories.

Key Capabilities:

•Machine learning-based recommendations and analytics for personalized delivery of information

•Search bots for a more intuitive, interactive user experience

•Natural language querying to understand user intent through questions

•Support for multiple search engines including Azure Search, Elastic Cloud, Elasticsearch, O365, SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint 2013 (Support for Solr and SharePoint 2019 in Q4 2018)

Key Benefits:

•Single hub for all users to search for and find needed information

•Proactively deliver information to users based on preferences, reducing the need to conduct searches

•Bots to help users find information faster while reducing user frustration

•Search the way you speak, reducing the need to define complicated queries

•SmartHub is search engine independent, providing IT with flexibility

BA Insight
7 Liberty Square, Floor 3
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PH: +1.339.368.7234
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