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There is great benefit to be found for small businesses that know how to write a press release and make it part of their marketing plan. Press releases can garner credibility in local areas because they provide relevant, real time content that shares the most recent news and goings on of a business. When written properly, press releases boost search engine optimization by including the right keywords for the businesses target audience. The more content that is created using the correct keywords, the more likely search engines are to put the small businesses content on the first page. Being on the first page of Google or another search engine most likely results in more calls and emails as well as more visits to the website, inadvertently resulting in more sales.

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Most small businesses have a hard time learning how to write press releases. Small Businesses In The News, a full service press releases writing and publishing company, offers a fresh approach to content marketing online. Typical marketing agencies are not tapping into the power of press releases used as ongoing content. The difference between a press release and a blog lies in the power of SEO and backlinked content. When blogs can only be directly posted onto the small businesses website, press releasees can be distributed across many news channels online that already hold high authority on the web. This means that these pieces of content will provide strong backlinks to the business’s website – in turn cueing Google or other search engines that the business offers relevant useful content to the online world.

Because they know the importance of press releases, Small Businesses In The News is offering a free step-by-step guide for readers to learn how to write a press release. The guide acts as a blueprint for small business owners or their marketing team to learn the details that go into a great press release, and how to publish it online to 100+ news outlets through Small Businesses In The News and their platform. The free guide can be found here for download and viewing.


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