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Los Angeles, CA – Many small businesses have a hard time ranking high online for their own organic content. Search engines can be tough to crack, and making sure to have strong Search Engine Optimization is extremely important. SEO is a great way to be able to compete online and rank higher among competitors.

Press releases can be used by small businesses online in order to boost their SEO ranking and break through amongst the competition. Press releases have the ability to be written on a multitude of never-ending subjects, and can be chock full with keywords to gain more attention online from a businesses’ chosen target audience.

how to write an effective press release

When written correctly, they provide a healthy presence online and usually leads to more website visits, calls, emails, visits to brick and mortar locations, and most importantly – converting sales. With Small Businesses In The News new free downloadable guide, CEO’s and online marketing professionals can learn how to write an effective press release.

This free guide will help businesses to not only learn how to write an effective press release, but also where and how to publish it online in order to be successful and profitable. These press releases can be written on a series of topics including new websites, accomplishments, awards, upcoming events, new partnerships, new leadership, new employees or brick and mortar locations, new services or products, etc. To read the guide, those interested can visit this webpage here to read and download Small Businesses In The News free step-by-step blueprint for online success.


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