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Affordable and Credible SEO for Local Business

Relax – you can rely on us to handle all of your digital marketing

We have consistently strived to make our SEO services for local business affordable without ever jeopardising the quality of work we will perform on behalf of our clients. We are committed to ensuring that any work we produce for you will meet your expectations and that it achieves success within a reasonable and clearly justified timeframe. Our positive reviews are indicative of our continued ability to deliver amazing results for a diverse range of clients from tradesmen to high-end lawyers.

Why choose SEO Shark?

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Amidst the complexity that comes with any attempt at SEO for local business, we understand clients want clarity and effective, timely solutions. With us, you know you’ll be getting bang for your buck.

The Expert Touch

We have developed a highly effective work style that enables us to deliver outstanding results for our clients on a continual basis, not just in the short-term. This is because we have combined the expertise of some of Australia’s best optimisation practitioners who each diligently continue to improve their knowledge, enabling them to deliver the absolute best SEO for local business.

Our philosophy is to take every opportunity we can to improve the way we work and the results we yield is deep-rooted. We are always up to speed when Google changes its algorithm and have designed our services so that we can easily respond while keeping you updated throughout.

An established digital presence for marketing online

We are able to use our existing online connections to give your website the boost it needs, meaning you will see results in a quicker timeframe.

We do this by wasting no time in getting your domain URLs spread across high authority website through relevant and engaging content.

Quality driven

Approaches to marketing online are continually evolving and our methodologies always adapt in response.

As the algorithms which crawl content on the web get more and more advanced, they are beginning to favour sites that are hosting the most authoritative, best-written, and most engaging content across articles and landing pages.

Our work is tailored to hitting these three key areas in order to maximise the performance of our clients’ website in relevant search results.

Curated SEO for your local business

We recognise that not all of our clients’ needs are the same and use our expertise and experience to tailor a strategy most effective for you.

As a local enterprise, Google maps is a rich source of demand, with its ability to help us choose where to eat, grab a coffee, chill out, and more in the local area. In response to this development, one of our key strategies in pursing SEO for local business takes advantage geographic keywords to capitalise on local demand and ultimately boost your inquiries.

Transparency and integrity

We understand that it can be hard to hand over control of your website or business Facebook page to another company. That’s why we place great value on transparency and communication throughout the entire process of working with us.  Our clients are always kept informed with the latest developments of their campaign through honest, clear and concise reporting of monthly outcomes.

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