Russian Special Committee Will Analize Interference in Vene…

11 de febrero de 2019, 08:47Moscow, Feb 11 (Prensa Latina) The working group of the temporary committee of the Federation Council (Russian Senate) for the defense of statehood and opposition to internal interference on Monday announced that it will analyze the case of Venezuela.

Venezuelan ambassador to Moscow Carlos Faria Tortosa will attend the meeting, scheduled for February 12. The president of the aforementioned commission, Andrei Klimov, will discuss some examples of modern methods of interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states.

The director of the Latin American department at the Russian Foreign Ministry, Alexander Schetinin, and former Ukrainian Prime Minister Nikolai Azarov, among others, will also participate in the meeting, where other cases of interference will be analyzed.

Russia has denounced at all times the meddling plans of the West, especially the United States, in the internal affairs of Venezuela, and condemned the threat of a military invasion against that South American country.

Moscow supports the calls carried out by legitimate Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, for dialogue with the opposition in order to seek a peaceful solution to the political crisis in the Latin American nation.

Local media state in Moscow that Russia could propose a resolution at the UN Security Council, favorable to the dialogue and international schemes in that regard and in rejection to impositions to Caracas from abroad.

The draft resolution would be a response to another initiative defended by Washington to demand the annulment of the 2018 presidential elections, in which Maduro won more than 60 percent of votes.

With this, Washington would seek to impose from abroad a self-appointed interim president, chosen by the opposition, in clear violation of Venezuela’s constitutional rules.


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