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The Darknet is known to be the “hidden internet”. It not in the view of the ordinary web users because its websites and content are under the ‘surface web’. Despite the sinister perspective on it, it is easy to access and explore it.

It is not authorized by the government, and the only way to access it is via the Tor network or Tor browser. It is solely anonymous and popular among the black markets.

Silk Road was one of the famous criminal market place. It was recently taken down by a major police investigation operation. You can still find links to Silk Road 2.0 and other marketplaces till today. The most commonly traded items are illegal. The business of trade takes place through cryptocurrency as well, mainly Bitcoin [BTC], since cryptocurrencies can be used to process anonymous transactions.

One of the famous marketplace in Darknet forum is the website Rapture Market. However, the website is down for over a week for frequent users, raising concerns of another DNM exit scam. Though the market has not been around for a long time, it had an uptime of 98% rating which went downhill of 97% according to the Deep Dot Web publication.

Rapture was created in January 2018 and received numerous good reviews. The market is said to have a trusted vendor referral system, along with 500 narcotic listings and other material. It accepts Bitcoin [BTC] and Monero [XMR].

The Rapture community on Reddit has been curious and worried.

A Flakydetective, a user in Reddit asked:

“I’ve looked but couldn’t find anything. It’s been down a day and a half now, just wondering if anyone knows if its legit downtime or possible exit scam?”

For which Blue-fox74 replied:

“Letswork has activated his Dream account again and says Rapture is under heavy DDOS, and that more url’s will be posted on DDW asap.

Contact him on dream…”

_PrinterPan_ commented:

“Agora (the original) had tons of downtime and never announced it. For good reason. Maybe Rapture exited, maybe it didn’t. Maybe you should give consideration to sticking with well-established markets instead of newer, untested, unproved ones. FUD. They wanted more money (understandable) and increased their fees. All above-board. Everything else you hear is phishing victims and FUD. But you go ahead and disagree and let us know how that whole Rapture market thing works out for you.”

SamCulperTR said:

“Waiting for the DDOS to pass.”

It is hard to gather any information on the DNM issue since Reddit removed the popular DNM forum. There is a lot of speculation and some Rapture users believe that the site will be working soon and revealed that the site had shuddered a DDoS attack. However, there is no solid information about the exact reason and the “exit scam” is a dominant theory of speculation.

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