Opera adds a built-in VPN on Android. Here is how to use it…

built-in vpn
Android users will now browse anonymously on Opera using the built-in VPN

It is not rude to suggest that you need a VPN to access some of your favourite apps at zero cost. Besides, we’ve at least told you that  amongst the top searches in Uganda last year was Virtual private Networks (VPN) – for obvious reasons. 

This is not about to end, predictions already point at continued growth of these VPNs, amidst a fall in the OTT tax payments, and the options are growing even wider.

Opera is now including a VPN inside its Android browser and beta users around the world will be the first to test out the new feature. The company first launched a free VPN app in 2016 but discontinued it in April last year.

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This time round, you’ll actually need to use Opera’s Android browser to have access to the VPN.

How to use Opera browser’s built-in VPN on Android

All you have to do is to tap on Settings in your Opera browser to activate the built-in VPN. Once enabled, the VPN will replace your IP address with a virtual IP address making it harder for websites to track your location and identify your device.

It is up to you to decide on the virtual location you want to use, and despite the choices being less than what you could get from a commercial VPN service, there are options in Europe, America and Asia.

Opera claims it’s not keeping any usage logs. 

Our VPN is a no-log service, which means that we will not collect any information that travels through the network servers. This will keep your private data protected from intruders when you’re connected to a public Wi-Fi network.

Users of the desktop web browser already enjoy its free and unlimited VPN just as the mobile browser also offers you to bypass VPN when accessing search engines. You can get Opera’s browsers for Android freely on Google Play

So, which telco said they were blocking Opera browsers?

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