MLB Sabotages Caribbean Series in Venezuela

Washington, Jan 25 (PL) The Major League Baseball (MLB) sabotaged the Caribbean Series in Venezuela by recommending that players belonging to that circuit refrain from traveling to that country, several media outlets highlighted Friday.
MLB Vice President of Communications John Blundell told reporters that the Commissioner’s Office ‘is actively seeking advice on the political, legal and security implications of this still developing situation, and we will inform clubs of any effects once they are clear’.

As such, ‘we advise the teams’ staff, in the strongest terms, the immediate stop of travel to Venezuela for any reason’, he said.

The competition, scheduled to be held February 2-8 in Barquisimeto, is on hold due to the South American country’s situation after Washington and allied countries recognized self-proclaimed President Juan Guaido, an act that Caracas described as a coup d’état and a violation of institutions and the Constitution.

The Caribbean Confederation of Professional Baseball (CBPC), through its head official, Dominican Juan Francisco Puello, announced Thursday afternoon that they would define the event’s definitive host in 24 hours.

One of the possible alternatives was Mexico, but Mexican Pacific League President, Omar Canizales, declared last night they will not be considered as an alternative host.

The mayor of the Colombian city of Barranquilla, Alejandro Char, also let the CBPC know his willingness to assume responsibility for organizing the tournament at the Edgar Renteria Stadium.

However, the ESPN website quoted a CBPC source, which warned that although ‘they are studying all options, there is also a good chance the series will pause this year, taking into account how late it is to move the tournament’.

Panama and Colombia, for their part, would have the disadvantage of not having participating teams, while the Dominican Republic would only host the event if each team agrees to cover its expenses.


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