Lopez Obrador Advocates Creation of Mexico National Guard

11 de enero de 2019, 14:44Mexico, Jan 11 (Prensa Latina) The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador, advocated again today the creation of the National Guard through a reform to the Constitution, to combat insecurity and violence in the country.

In response to a question about the public hearings in the Chamber of Deputies and the tendency of those invited to propose a civilian leadership of the new armed body, the president referred the issue to the government secretaries who will be speaking these days in the thematic tables of the parliamentary talks.

He said that the secretaries will argue about the need to create this body and why we believe it will guarantee public security because there was no protection for citizens since the special operations of the Navy and Army were oriented to face what is called organized crime and did not protect citizens.

He repeated his criterion that the federal police created in other administrations was not consolidated, that project failed and in the end what is lacking is attention to the problem of insecurity, that’s why the decision we took to promote the National Guard, uniting the Nava police, the military police and the national police with the support of the army. I trust, he said, in the army as in all human beings, I trust the good in them more than the bad, I am a naive idealist, but I believe so. He repeated his view on the honesty and patriotic spirit of the armed forces and insisted that he, as commander in chief, will never give the order to repress the people.

Regarding the issue of fight against the theft of gasoline, he insisted that this scourge was allowed for many years; it is something that could be included in the book Open Veins of America, by Eduardo Galeano, due to the dimensions of looting and tolerance.


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