Kim Jong-un Visit to China, Opportunity to Deepen Ties

Beijing, Jan 8 (Prensa Latina) China assured Tuesday that the current visit of DPRK leader Kim Jong-un is an opportunity to deepen the traditional friendship ties between both countries.
Lu Kang, the Foreign Ministry’s spokesman, said at a press conference that during the new visit the president and local leaders will exchange views not only on the nature of the ties, but also on regional and international issues of common interest.

He said both nations are neighbors with a longstanding friendship characterized by frequent high-level contacts with each other.

In fact,’ he recalled, ‘Kim and Chinese President Xi Jinping agreed at their three meetings in 2018 to keep very close communication through different channels.

‘The sides agreed to strengthen strategic communication and make joint efforts to foster the stable and healthy development of China-DPRK ties, achieve lasting stability on the Korean peninsula, and foster regional peace and security’ , Lu said.

He reiterated Beijing’s support for the ongoing process of peacefully resolving denuclearization, North-South rapprochement, and improved Pyongyang-U.S. relations.

Kim Jong-un arrived in Beijing last night at the invitation of the host president, Xi Jinping, and will stay until Thursday.

This is his fourth visit in less than a year to China, his first foreign visit after taking over North Korea in 2011.


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