Japan to Exclude Huawei, ZTE from Public Procurement, Media…

07 de diciembre de 2018, 18:12Tokyo, Dec 8 (Prensa Latin) Japan plans to exclude the Chinese telecom manufacturers Huawei and ZTE from public procurement, amid concerns about security breaches, local media reported.

According to Kyodo news agency, which quoted a Japanese executive source, the ban will be agreed upon on Monday at an interdepartmental meeting and no explicit mention has been made of Beijing companies, so as not to damage bilateral relations.

Japanese products with parts manufactured by some of these two Chinese firms will also be excluded from government use, the reports indicated.

China has expressed deep concern about Japan’s plans to suspend equipment purchases manufactured by Huawei and ZTE and assured that both technological companies are operating in Tokyo in line with national laws.

The information comes after the United States asked its allies to avoid these two companies’ products, arguing that they are used to carry out cyber attacks, Kyodo added, based on unidentified government sources.

Yoshihide Suga, spokesman of the Japanese government, refused to confirm the news in his daily press conference and only said that Japan ‘works closely with the United States in many sectors, including cybersecurity’.


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