In February Millionaire Auctions of Official Vehicles of Me…

30 de enero de 2019, 05:00Mexico, Jan 30 (Prensa Latina) Armored cars of the Mexican State for more than five million dollars and aircraft and helicopters of superior value, will begin to be auctioned in February, announced Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

The president explained on Tuesday in his morning press conferenceon supported by graphics, that the funds raised will be used to finance part of the creation of the National Guard, an armed body that he considers essential for the fight against corruption and the violence that this generates .

He said that in the country there was a lot of corruption and a lot of waste, it was a pharaonic government, of luxuries, of superfluous, unproductive spending.

He gave as examples a second or third level official who had in his office nine telephones, one even in the bathroom, and 700 thousand pesos per month (35 thousand dollars) what a director of a stae company earned.

He was convinced that if the money recovery continues through austerity and the elimination of luxuries, there will be enough financing for all the government’s social projects.

As for the armored vehicles that will put on sale said that there is one that cost six million 355 thousand pesos (more than 300 thousand dollars) and another of almost five million.

López Obrador explained that both the cars and the 76 aircraft and helicopters will be sold to people and companies that do not have a criminal record because they are illegal, and that is the main condition for them to participate in the February auctions.


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