How to Create a Great Content Marketing Strategy

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If you’re looking to drive more traffic to your website, spread awareness, and build a profitable online business, you need to start paying attention to your content marketing strategy.

A content strategy is a segment of your marketing plan that deals with the management of any media that you create and own – written or visual. Along with content curation, one needs to form a deliberate strategy and execute this plan in an efficient manner to attain the desired results.   

If you’re looking to drive more traffic to your website, spread awareness and build a profitable online business, you need to start paying attention to your content marketing strategy. When you have an effective strategy in place, content marketing challenges won’t be as overwhelming – in fact, it will actually help you gain confidence in your work and take a critical step towards success.

Having a content strategy in hand opens a business up to a plethora of benefits, including higher domain authority, search engine rankings, and increased conversion potential. This form of marketing is undoubtedly a long process, and you need to be persistent enough to get the best results. Here are eight questions to ask yourself before creating a content marketing strategy.

1. Why do you want to do content marketing?

Your content marketing goals should be defined, as knowing what you want to achieve gives you a better direction and focus. Your goals can be anything, from better traffic to your website to more email subscriptions for your blog.

2. Who is your audience?

Your customer should be the focal point of your content marketing strategy. It is critical to develop a broad and substantial understanding of who your customers are and what their buyer’s journey looks like. By producing content that is of value to your readers, you are more likely to gain their trust and initiate conversions. Even if you are an experienced marketer, make sure to revisit your audience parameters by conducting market research from time to time.

3. What type of content do you want to promote?

After figuring out the objectives, you need to determine what types of relevant and personalized content your audience wants to see. You can present content in the form of articles, blogs, memes, infographics, case studies, e-books and more. Knowing your customer will help you understand the way they think and sync your marketing message better with the content you create.

Try mixing and experimenting with different forms of content to see which style is producing the best results. If you have been crafting only blog posts till now, it might be a good idea to switch. For example, you can create an e-book that lists out all your previous work into one ultimate guidebook. This is a great way to offer the same information in a creative format – something that your readers will find efficient as well.

4. How will you promote the content?

Creating content is not enough – you need to make sure that your content reaches the maximum number of people as well. Promotion is as important as creating content. There are three primary mediums through which you can promote your content:

  • Influencer Marketing: This strategy involves engaging influential social media users to endorse your content. When one collaborates with influencers, it leads to a 3 to 10 times increase in the conversion rate. You can approach these influencers easily, but perform thorough research and provide them with a tailor-made strategy, along with your budget details.
  • Social Media Snippets: Ideally, your content should include numerous snippets such as quotes, statistics and images, among others. These snippets can be shared multiple times over a period across various social media platforms.
  • Guest posting: Sharing your content as a guest post that has a massive number of readers will help increase the authority of your brand. Once can use channels like Reddit, Biz Sugar, and to fulfill this purpose.

5. How can you stand out?

The digital space is overflowing with content that’s almost begging for views and engagement. So, when you enter this digital space with your content, how will you stand out? You need to be innovative and smart enough to outsmart this wealth of content on the internet. The best thing to do in this regard is to be honest with your audience. Create content that is useful to them and they will engage with it.

6. What content ideas can you utilize?

If you wish to make your website more SEO-friendly and discover new content ideas, you can use HubSpot’s Website Grader to help you optimize and enhance each area. This tool effectively grades your marketing areas and provides its users with a detailed report on how they can improve and streamline their marketing efforts. 

If you’re having trouble sparking content ideas, What to Write is a tool that asks you questions to jumpstart your brain with diversified ideas. BuzzSumo is a similar tool that uses social media to determine if a particular form of content is popular and well-liked.

7. How will you build an email list?

The most important part of content distribution is emailing, since it lets you directly communicate with your subscribers and find a place in their inbox.

An email service provider (ESP) is a helpful tool since it lets you build and maintain your subscribers’ list. It also allows you to check reports on how your campaigns are performing. An ESP also ensures that your emails aren’t automatically rerouted to the spam folder. MailChimp and ConvertKit are a few options you can start with, especially if you have lower startup costs. [Editor’s note: Need an email marketing solution? Check out our best picks recommendations.]

8. How will you measure the ROI?

Knowing the progress of your content marketing efforts is very necessary to track the direction of your lead. In the online space, following the results of the investment you made is important to understand how useful it is. A content piece is considered successful when it has generated a good number of views, clicks, and engagement. Now, with modern online tools available at the disposal of every marketer, measuring the success of a content piece is not that difficult. You can easily track how your marketing efforts are faring and constantly make improvements in your content marketing strategy. 

Keep these things in mind before you go through any content marketing strategy to adopt it for your business or brand. These points, if executed well, will lay the foundation for a robust content marketing strategy and help in the attainment of better marketing results.

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