Google Introduces New Search Ad Position Metrics

Advertisers and agencies that rely on Google can now understand how search ads will perform better, based on where they appear on the search query page.

Over the next several weeks, four metrics will be rolled out, two of which will help Google customers understand the effectiveness of results that the Absolute Top (see image below), which is for paid search engine marketing.

The other two metrics refer to the two ads right above organic rankings. Both are part of Google’s walled garden, offering customers a percentage representation for brand ad impressions.

“It’s important to understand where your ads appear on the search results page,” wrote Julien Jacquet, product manager of Google Ads at Google, in a post. “For example, knowing if your ad shows more (or less) often at the very top of the results can help you diagnose significant changes in clickthrough rate. And knowing what percentage of eligible top impressions you are already capturing helps you determine if you should do more to increase your bids and quality.”

Metrics for “Top” will help Google customers understand indicators of available opportunities in showing more ads in prominent positions. This feature has largely been seen as an upsell tool in real-time campaign optimization along with a measurement tool.

In keeping with its repositioning around digital transformation and artificial intelligence, Microsoft’s similar feature with Bing allowers advertisers to modify bids for ad scheduling and attain a better picture of the customer journey. Another update from Bing enables campaign optimization on the fly, allowing its corporate customers to set and track performance targets on campaign groupings.

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