First Electoral Test for Spanish Social Democracy

By Eduardo Rodriguez Baz
Madrid, Dec 2 (Prensa Latina) Elections in the Spanish region of Andalusia today will put to the test for the first time the upturn in surveys of the Partido Socialista Obrero Español (PSOE), after the coming to power of its leader, Pedro Sanchez.

Turned into a thermometer of the changing political board, the elections in the most populated region of Spain -with 8.3 million inhabitants- will be seen, at least partially, as an essay of what will happen in general elections scheduled for 2020.

In fact, the conservative Partido Popular (PP) and liberal Ciudadanos (Cs), fighting for the rightwing vote, did not doubt in seeing the polls in Andalusia as a first round of the general elections, that could in fact be advanced to 2019.

Its results will, in fact, be a first test of fire for Sanchez, that in June arrived to the presidential palace of La Moncloa, after displacing, by a parliamentary censure motion against conservative Mariano Rajoy, then leader of the PP.

In Andalusia, the PSOE, to which surveys forecast a victory without an absolute majority, risks also to maintain the control of an autonomous commnunity it governs since 1982 and that it is its main garden of votes and leaders at national level.

The date at the polls this Sunday in the main bastion of social democracy, will also mark the beginning of a busy electoral cycle of European municipal and autonomic European elections in 13 of 17 regions of the country in May, 2019.

Sanchez left behind since June a difficult personal relation with Andalusian president and candidate to be reelected,

Susana Díaz, with the objective of trying to strengthening for the upcoming general elections.

PP and Cs, bet to see which of the two heads the conservative lines comes out victor without discarding the conservative forces, and allows the derailment of the Andalusian socialism, and thus sdisplace Sanchez from La Moncloa and oust Sanchez from La Moncloa in the middle term.

A change in which they do not discard to join Vox, new party of ultraright that longs to enter the Andalusian parliament and which the immigrant issue is a punishing daily problem by way of the southern coasts.

Although polls point that the social democrats will be the most voted this Sunday it will be without the necessary votes to rule in solitary.

The PP of Pablo Casado would consolidate a second position with 22.3 percent, according to a study elaborated by the firm NC Report for the conservative daily Razon.

With 21.04 percent of vote intention, they put Adelante Andalusia in third place, followed by the progressive groups Podemos and Izquierda Unida, and the liberals of Cs with 14.8 percent of the votes.


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