Dimension Data and Western Sydney Uni partner for data serv…

Dimension Data has partnered up with Western Sydney University (WSU) to create a new data services platform, under the banner of Mass Data Observations.

The platform – developed under a co-innovation agreement between both parties – aims to combine and analyse multiple data sources including public data sets, archives, social data feeds, data from Internet of Things (IoT) devices, in addition to qualitative and quantitative data through ‘data contributor communities’.

The platform enables secure analysis of multiple sources of data in order to gain new insights spanning several areas such as health, civics and society, education, consumer behaviour, urban planning; environment and economics.

At the front end of Mass Data Observations, data collectors, referred to as ‘data rangers,’ use a smartphone app to contribute data through surveys, polls and research projects that interest them.

Data ‘explorers/ researchers’ can then use the platform to post their projects or challenges and aggregate the data they need to test hypotheses.

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