Diaz-Canel’s Visit to Santiago de Cuba Makes Headlines

Havana, March 16 (Prensa Latina) The government visit led by President Miguel Diaz-Canel to the eastern province of Santiago de Cuba made headlines this week.
During the two-day trip, the president, along with members of the Council of Ministers, assessed the fulfillment of the indications made during his previous visit in June 2018, in terms of programs for the development of that territory.

Diaz-Canel spoke several times with the people of Santiago de Cuba, a recurrent practice in his travels throughout the country since he took office in April 2018.

During the conclusions of his visit on Friday at the provincial headquarters of the Communist Party, the head of State pointed out the importance of increasing exports and boosting national production and local development.

He also described the people of Santiago de Cuba as cheerful, revolutionary, grateful, committed, and as a people who defend what is being done in the city.

Diaz-Canel warned that Cuba should make progress in a complex scenario, marked by the worsening of the US-imposed economic, commercial and financial blockade for almost six decades.

The president referred to the threat of Chapter III of the Helms-Burton Act and Washington’s intention to blame Cuba for the problems affecting Latin America to justify the failure of its policies.

Other issues were the positive results of the coffee harvest in the major producing territory, the boost to production of freshwater lobster for export, the need to increase the added value of these products abroad and the promotion of foreign investment.


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