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Epidemic Marketing offers their expertise in web design efforts to improve search engine optimization and conversion rate optimization for their clients

DENVER, USA / ACCESSWIRE / January 25, 2019 / In 2019 and beyond, improving the performance of marketing campaigns through conversion rate optimization is more important than ever before. Increased competition, market saturation, reduced inventory on ad platforms, and fewer organic positions on page one of Google have made earning and purchasing targeted visitors for businesses and their website more expensive than ever before.

Even regulatory pressures and new legislation such as Facebook’s crackdown on data that can and cannot be used for targeting and the ominous introduction of GDPR has taken its toll on the industry.

To make matters worse, according to a 2017 study conducted by Moz and a study conducted by Wolfgang Digital, the average conversion rate for e-commerce sites is an abysmal 1.6% on average.

The Six Stage Conversion Rate Optimization Formula

Market leader, Denver, CO based Epidemic Marketing, and it’s founder Noah Lopata, are pleased to announce that they have publicly released their battle-tested 6-step conversion rate optimization process to help other business owners gain a leg up on the competition and earn more from each marketing dollar already spent on campaigns.

This 6-step process is the very same process Epidemic Marketing has used to help countless clients improve their bottom line and conversion rates by as much as twenty or more percent.

The Multiplier Effect

According to Epidemic Marketing, most clients they meet with are interested in three primary KPIs: sales, revenue, and growth. Old wisdom would have many business owners believe that they need to spend more money on marketing efforts in order to substantially move the needle as it relates to those goals. But according to Noah at Epidemic Marketing, that is not necessarily the case. His firm specializes in helping businesses improve their ROI from their existing marketing channels, ad spend and traffic without spending a dime more on marketing. By implementing a strategic conversion optimization formula, EM is able to boost sales and revenue by upwards of twenty percent or more, making sure that every dollar a client spends on marketing is leveraged to the fullest, producing ROIs that outpace and outperform the competition.

In a Digital Age, Websites Matter More Than Ever Before

Irrespective of the industry, in 2019 and beyond a website is as necessary as having a telephone number. The Denver web design company team at Epidemic Marketing believes that websites should be an investment that produces a high return for the client’s business.

According to a representative for the company, “Our website design and development process begins with an initial planning and collaboration meeting. The purpose is to set clear goals and desired visitor actions for the website design. EM will then integrate all of these elements into a preliminary design. After which a mockup is created to help visualize the concept and make any necessary adjustments. Epidemic marketing then sets up a staging server with a live version of the new website, which can be adjusted before going live.”

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“Before the actual deployment, which is the final step” he continued, “our quality assurance team will go through and test every button, link and form to make sure it is in working order. Following the launch, every component of the site is again tested for accuracy, efficiency and customer satisfaction.”

Today, more than eight of every ten businesses are found online. The best sites attract customers 24/7/365. Mobile internet use is the fastest growing sector of internet traffic. Providing a good user experience in a mobile-friendly design converts visitors to customers. In the United States, more than six billion searches are performed by those searching for local businesses. A well-planned website helps to make money, protects the reputation of the business and builds brand loyalty.

The main features of a website designed by Epidemic Marketing include speed and ease of use. It must also make an impression. Finally, the website must be designed to convert visitors into customers and therefore drive increased revenue to the business.

Contact Info:

Name: Noah Lopata

Organization: Epidemic Marketing

Address: 191 University Blvd #602 Denver, CO 80206

Phone: (303) 586-6728


SOURCE: Epidemic Marketing

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