Comedian Park Sung Kwang exposes how Park Seo Joon changed …

Park Sung Kwang shared why he unfollowed Park Seo Joon on social media. 

On the August 23 airing of KBS Happy Together 3‘, the MCs asked Park Sung Kwang, “We heard you unfollowed Park Seo Joon because you were angry. What happened?”

Park Sung Kwang responded, “That’s right. I unfollowed him.” He explained, “I was close with Park Seo Joon when he was a rookie. But later on, I contacted him after he gained success and the ‘1’ wouldn’t go away in the KakaoTalk chat room. It seemed like he changed his number. So I unfollowed him as a way of a small revenge, but I followed him right back again.”

Park Sung Kwang added, “And then I asked Kim Ji Won, who’s close with Park Seo Joon, for his number but she said she will let me know after asking his permission.”

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