Colombian Political, Social Sectors Demand Respect for Vene…

Bogota, Jan 10 (Prensa Latina) Political and social sectors, grouped in the Colombian Movement of Solidarity with Venezuela (MCSV), demanded respect for the legitimacy of the government of Nicolas Maduro, who was sworn in today in Caracas for the constitutional period 2019-2025.
From Medellin, capital of Antioquia department, the MCSV issued a communiqué of support for Maduro ‘for his firmness in the continuity of the Bolivarian Revolutionary Process, initiated by Commander Hugo Chavez.’

They stressed that the new mandate the Venezuelan President is assuming responds to the will of the people, since he was democratically re-elected.

The MCSV declaration denounces the economic and political offensive and the media war against Venezuela directed from the United States and supported by countries that are part of the so-called Lima Group.

‘In Venezuela, government programs are at the service of the people,’ adds the text, which mentions measures and benefits implemented in the areas of wages, health, education, housing and pension policy.

‘What is a better example than 74 percent of its annual budget being allocated to social programs, with which the government of President Maduro guarantees a dignified life for popular sectors,’ expresses the release.

The MCSV highlights in particular the role played by the National Constituent Assembly ‘as a guarantee of the participatory and protagonist democracy of the Venezuelan people’.

The solidarity group calls on the government of the Colombian president, Ivan Duque, to withdraw from the Lima Group and to respect the self-determination and sovereignty of the Venezuelan people.


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