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Super Bowl 53 is this Sunday, and we would not be doing our part if we didn’t give you guys an SEO post about the small details. 

Let’s start with some basics:

What? Super Bowl 53
Who? The New England Patriots vs. The Los Angeles Rams 
When? 6:30 p.m. EST 
Where? Mercedez-Benz Stadium, Atlanta, GA 
Why? Someone’s gotta win 
Where can I find it? On TV, you can find it on CBS. Pseudo-robot Jim Nantz and pseudo-wizard Tony Romo are on the call. You can also find it on several radio stations and a handful of online streams. 

I’m a Patriots fan in Chicago. Where can I watch the game with all my other Patriot fans in Chicago? 
The Hidden Shamrock and Tripoli Tap are your best bets. The good news is that they’re close, separated by only three stops on either Brown/Purple line. The bad news is that they’re small bars that’ll be slammed with drunk Patriots fans. 

I’m a Rams fan in Chicago. Where can I watch the game with all my other Rams fans in Chicago? 
Turns out there’s not really a Rams bar in Chicago, perhaps because there’s not really a Rams fanbase anywhere in Chicago. 

I’m a fan of deeply fried foods and want to watch football with my friends. Do you know of a place where I can sit back, relax, and pretend to laugh at that A-list actor’s commercial for cleaning products. Can I do that in Chicago?
You are in luck, friend. If there is one city on the planet that is prepared for a large portion of its population to spend the day drinking and eating bar food, it’s Chicago. Here’s just a few of the best watch party options: 

Bounce Sporting Club 
Public House
Sluggers (don’t roll your eyes at me) 
– Connie’s Pizza

If these don’t work, the local bar on your street will probably do fine, because there’s a bar on every street in Chicago and they’ll all have the Super Bowl on. 

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