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Artz Studio is a one-stop shop for all developers who wish to become experts in Speed optimization, Search engine optimization, and WordPress. The staff here provides informative and free articles on the topics that aren’t traditionally taught in universities. The company’s vision is to spread awareness about these topics that are significant yet not much highlighted. Artz Studio library is famed for having distinctive and informative content about functionality, code, availability, development, and Jquery around the world. The users can navigate around the site and access free information on their subject of interest.

Artz Studio is majorly dedicated to providing information, articles, and content related to Search engine optimization, speed optimization, and WordPress. The recently added section of Q/A is has become very popular as it features new content regularly. The section discusses significant yet unanswered questions on the internet. The goal of starting this partnership is to raise consciousness about these issues from the developer’s community and increase their knowledge level. Check out the Q/A part for hot questions and their specialist-oriented answers.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is basically about ranking the website high in the Search results page which results in more visitors coming to the website.

Doing perfect Search engine optimization can be quite tricky at time, which is why Artz Studio provides solutions to all the SEO issues. Those who have just started learning Search engine optimization can see the ‘Beginners Guide to Search Engine Optimization’ on the website. This is specially written for beginners to assist them in starting their journey of SEO learning. Once the user learns the fundamentals of Search engine optimization, they should understand how Search engine optimization Algorithm works for a website.

Website Speed Optimization

Speed optimization is about making the website’s speed really fast so visitors won’t have to wait too much the site to load.

As internet speed isn’t always good in many nations around the world, it’s extremely important to understand about speed optimization and implement these practices through development. For assessing speed optimization of an internet site, Google Page Speed Insights assist a lot as you are able to generate a full report of your site from this tool. Furthermore, if one needs their site to work great with no speed problems and pass the Google page speed insights test, they can read the ‘Website Speed optimization Guide for developers’. This may guide the user at each and every stage of development to the hosting of the website for improving their website speed.

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