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“10 Pro Tips to SEO E-commerce Product Pages”

Ranking on top on prominent search engines is a priority for all businesses that have an online presence. SEO is often employed as one of the most effective methods widely used by websites to rake up traffic for their pages – it’s no different for e-commerce pages. However, user experience is also one that must be worked on if e-commerce pages are going to rank high on search engines.

In this blogpost, ’10 Pro Tips to SEO E-commerce Product Pages,’ Aka Sam gives useful advice on how to combine SEO and user experience to create efficient crawl to up ranking on search engines for e-commerce sites.

10 Pro Tips to SEO E-commerce Product Pages blog explains how to conflate SEO and user experience in 10 tips that will provide instant results in increasing sales and traffic – in less than 2 months. The first suggestion is product URL optimization which is attention grabbing, having the product’s name and features in the URL to make users know what the product just by the URL. Next comes Meta description optimization where writing a compact product description for each product on the e-commerce page is involved, using only original content so that search engines won’t ignore it. The third tip is content optimization.

Aka Sam talks about how to intersperse keywords into headings and text with density discretion and the choice of relatable and different keywords. Next, how using videos to optimize an e-commerce page is talked about.  Funny, unique and original videos is an advantage and optimizing for an e-commerce page can be done by uploading videos to YouTube rather than directly on site and then embed the YouTube video on the e-commerce pages. Mass psychology is the concept behind product rating and reviews, the blog’s fifth tip – and it’s suggested that both should be used shrewdly to attract users.  Design e-commerce as such that they have a star rating button, that upon clicking, takes a user to the customer review section at the bottom of the page. Be sure to display those reviews that are rich and genuine.

Aka Sam proceeds to articulate the remaining 5 tips in this blog – they comprise of using cross-selling to optimize the e-commerce page, user generated content, optimizing the product title, image optimization and enhancing usability by optimizing the breadcrumb menu. The blog is concluded by the stressing that a combination of effective SEO and user experience makes traffic pour in and product sales on e-commerce sites climb steadily.

10 Pro Tips to SEO E-commerce Product Pages blog is written in a simple and easy to understand way that is professional and highly informative at the same time. For more blogs about internet marketing techniques, visit http://samblogs.com/

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